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Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

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Finding Clarity

It's easy to feel overwhelmed and confused in our ever-changing world. I have tools and strategies to help clarify who you are and what you want, which will bring you more confidence in your attitudes, actions, and words.

Reconnecting with Yourself

Feeling lost and out of touch? My guidance can help you return to your natural state of balance and wellness, and help you rediscover your strengths, passion, and purpose in life.

Navigating Career Transitions

Whether it's an unexpected layoff or planned career change, you can end up feeling anxious and uncertain about the future. My guidance will bring you renewed clarity and confidence to help you choose your next steps.

About Me

About Me

I always knew that I had a heart for helping others. And after years of traveling and writing down my stories and insights, I published a series of best-selling books about finding better balance in our work, relationships, and life.

In 2015, I founded The White Box Club®, a support group that provides live coaching sessions and resources for people in career transition.

As a certified health & wellness coach, I’ve supported thousands of individuals and organizations including small business owners, entrepreneurs, college students, corporate executives, and more.

Working with me will bring you clarity, direction, and balance along your path. Ready to create the life you want? Then let's connect.


"Michael moves people and ideas forward because he truly cares about those he works with and is comfortable asking challenging but enlightening questions."

-- Jake Jones
Co-Founder, The Flamingo Effect

"Michael is a rare blend of intuitive and productive … He really ‘gets’ how people learn, both in person and online."

-- Elizabeth (Bette) Frick, Ph.D.

Founder and Owner, The Text Doctor®

"Thank you to Michael and the entire team behind The White Box Club®. This group has magic, and it’s wonderful to know there are other people that have had the same challenges and upsets. This group was available just when I needed it."

-- Pam Iverson
White Box Club Member

"The White Box Club® is a great resource for professional development, networking, and a great social outlet for those in career transition."

-- Brenda Peterson

White Box Club Member

"Michael is a unique and electrifying individual who brings a refreshing approach to the corporate world. He has figured out how to balance life, work, and spirituality, and can convey that to others in such a way that after a brief conversation with him one also feels more balanced. Michael is making a difference in this fast-paced, complicated world. By interacting with him you’ll be inspired to do the same."

-- Bob Manning
CEO, Global Perspective

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